for call ahead seating:

 Please call the restaurant at (703) 494-2848


seating policies

  • First come, first serve
  • We do not take reservations
  • We accept call ahead seating 15 minutes prior to arrival time if there is not already a wait list
  • If there is a wait list, we can add your name to it and call when your table is available
  • We can accommodate parties:
    • Monday—Thursday:
      • Up to 20 guests for inside and up to 16 guests for outside
    • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
      • Up to 12 guest maximum for inside/outside
  • We hold tables for up to 15 minutes past the reservation time
  • If your party is running late, we greatly appreciate it to give us a call to ensure that we will continue to hold your table
  • All decorations for special events must fit on the tables. All parties are sharing the dining room space
  • There is a $10 "cake fee" for any outside desserts brought in
  • There is a $10 "corkage fee" for each outside alcohol opened in the restaurant
  • We may not be able to seat parties over four people at one table
  • We will not move tables as this can disrupt other diners and cause space issues in our small establishment
  • Call aheads are held for the exact amount of guests, we may not be able to accommodate more than what was originally requested. If more are expected, please let us know in advance so we can try to make arrangements.
  • Only service animals are welcome